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About Us

KCI was formed in 1981 in Charlotte, NC for the purpose of manufacturing a specialty line of chemical products for the welding supply industry. The main thrust of the Corporation was to distribute the products through both wholesalers in the welding field and to original equipment manufacturers as private branded products.

From the very inception of the Company, there have been three main objectives which remain the backbone of KCl's operating philosophy:

  • High quality products
  • High service levels
  • Fair and competitive pricing

In a search for new opportunities, KCI acquired another manufacturing company specializing in marking devices and industrial cable covers. To further broaden our line, we have produced a line of fluids for water cooler recirculators used widely in both the welding industry and in other industrial applications.

KCI is located in an Industrial Park in the busy city of Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is the second largest distribution hub in the United States, which makes a perfect home for KCI. The prompt movement of the company's products insures good customer service.

The welcome mat is always out at KCI for both our customers and potential customers. We look forward to showing you our plant and our product line. We are interested in working with you on specialty products or in the Private Label packaging of existing KCI products.