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Call (704) 372-8435
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  • Onsite Training – KCI offers onsite training for our customers on our product lines. This training includes videos showing the proper way to use these products safely as well as a brief background on the product makeup and our product benefits and advantages over competitive brands.
  • Joint Sales Calls – KCI welcomes the opportunity to make joint sales calls with our customers outside sales persons. These calls offer KCI the chance to fully explain the benefits of one product versus another and help match the right product mix for the end user’s application.
  • Product Certifications – KCI offers full product certifications which were produced by an independent laboratory. The certifications can be provided as typical or actual certifications based on the end user’s preference.
  • National Sales Meeting Presentations – KCI is available to participate in any National Sales Meeting as requested to present and update our customers on new products and any changes in regulatory guidelines that may affect the products they are selling.
  • Private Label Programs – KCI offers at no additional charge a Private Label Program for all wholesale customers and in turn their distributor customers. KCI absorbs all graphic design and art charges under this program.